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Synapse Knowledge: Emika | Masterclass

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

30. 5. 20:00

Due to the ongoing pandemic restrictions, this year’s edition of music-makers’ meeting Synapse Knowledge will be held throughout the year and spread out over multiple events. Before we’re allowed to gather in person again, we’re launching the series with an online masterclass by Berlin-based producer with Czech heritage Emika. She celebrates the 10th anniversary of her eponymous debut album, where she brought together her classic music education and passion for electronic and dance music. On the last Sunday in May, Emika will talk about her career, work for Native Instruments, transition from electronic to orchestral records, crowdfunding, performing live, but also her solutions to the current pandemic situation. We will release detailed info regarding the masterclass soon!

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Masterclass with live Q&A with the audience will be held online and in English.

Synapse Knowledge programme is supported by Czech Ministry of Culture and SoundCzech.