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The weight of repetition #2 (un)measurements

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory
The weight of repetition #2 (un)measurements

24. 11. - 15. 1. 2017 19:45

The Serpent that announces, “The World is a closed thing, cyclical, resonant, eternally-returning,” is to be delivered into a system whose only aim is to violate the Cycle.   
                                        Thomas Pynchon, Gravity's Rainbow     

By departing from the animism eye, where every object / matter is constantly alive and holds in itself a form of identity - such is clearly not only property of the past (how a form as come to its shape) but as well a constant move towards deformation, erosion, trans formation.  Such veins are neither back nor forward, but a continuum of life in any object.    

Consider a mechanic rotation, like the motor of a car : it has a fixed cycle and works, but no rotation is exactly equal to its previous, there is a initial direction but repetition is impossible, an external signal contaminates slowly but always!  Such is the nature of all matter,  a cyclic being but never a static one.  Imagine you would be able to read nature in braille, that everything has a sonic animism identity, and such identity is unique, echoes as a single existence that all living and non living beings possess.  “(un)measurements” is a cyclic sound sculpture divided in two segments that map different time cycles and geographies, reading from the identity of a being in a constant  move.   

A tree was carved removing the parts where fungi and larvae thrived. Bacteria still inhabits this place, they are the architects of an ongoing typography, a new landscape as vast as detailed. We can hear this visceral scars, we look close and see them thriving second by second, movement generates frequency, and the immaterial forces prevail.  We are floating matter, we change in each spin, each season, each second  -  a liquid becomes stone, death becomes life and life moves as a cyclic frequency. To the enchanted with the still, be sure that such is not, it is merely moving slowly!
                                                                  Gil Delindro

The installation is situated in the SHAPE space.