How to get to us

MeetFactory, o. p. s.
Ke Sklárně 3213/15
150 00 Praha 5


Opening hours:
13:00 do 20:00 + based on evening program

Týden umění at MeetFactory

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory
Týden umění at MeetFactory

28. 4. 19:00

Gallery MeetFactory participates in Týden umění festival. The opening of Angelus/Orr: City Crown exhibition and Fake It Till You Make It guided tour will be on the agenda of the night. 

Angelus/Orr: City Crown

In the spirit of admiration and investigation into symbolic constructs in art, we specifically work through sculptural forms - testing models of political and formal critique, asking how and what forms do sculptures take to hold certain ideologies? Our projects are also research-based, at the MeetFactory we will be looking through the political landscape in the U.S. and the history of Czech sculpture and public works. 

Fake It Till You Make It
In a humorous manner, this exhibition presents three chapters on core themes in the self-help culture: «Fulfill your potential», «Be religious about your workout» and «Take a deep breath». With this, the show mirrors existing self-improvement tactics such as introducing rituals to your life, establishing forms of self-marketing or positive thinking and getting out of your comfort zone.

7:00 PM Angelus/Orr: City Crown – opening
7:30 PM Fake It Till You Make It – guided tour

Entry: free