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Evenings Under the Blowtorch: Going for You Dreams Can Be Difficult

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

19. 5. 18:00

This next evening in the series includes people who never gave up on their dreams and succeeded in what they set out to do. 

Alžběta Trojanová always loved to play video games, and now moderates the successful show Re-Play. Lucie Radimerská always wanted to be involved in the theater, so she started her own theater company Puls. Jakub Novák and Lukáš Prchal wanted to publish books, and now own an electronic publishing company in Bohemia called YoungBooks. 

How did these people succeed? What did they have to do to get where they are now? What problems did they encounter along the way?

Along with these guests will be the moderator René Nekuda. 

Free Entrance.