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13:00 do 20:00 + based on evening program

Public House

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory
Public House

9. 4. 19:00

In MeetFactory Spring begins with a provocatively sensuous Public House  

The spring season opening under the name Public House invites you to three exhibitions, three concerts, nine Open Studios of residential artists, an audio-visual performance and scenic reading. In the course of a single evening the viewers will have the chance to peep into all MeetFactory spaces and experience a refreshingly unconventional, capriciously provocative celebration of contemporary art. 

During a single evening, a packed program will present all four dramaturgy lines of the MeetFactory: music, theatre, art galleries and the Open Studios. The viewers will have the chance to meet both live art and live artists. Among foreign stars will be four Belgian artists (Marcel Berlanger, Patrick Everaert, Djos Janssens and Eva L'Hoest), who are arriving to introduce the CHIMERA exhibition at MeetFactory Gallery.The artists represented at the exhibition work with monstrosity, each in their own way
, pushing common standards and letting the viewer enter the interpretation labyrinth. They play around with commonsense, a shared depository of images and words and pure, well-known forms.During the evening the CHIMERA exhibition opening is also going to take place, and yet another exhibition, SOUND FROM THE DESERT  by Janek Rous will open at the Kostka Gallery as well as the H2O  exhibitionof Karel Kunc on Wall Gallery.

Residential Program
of the OPEN STUDIOS will present artists active at the MeetFactory as part of international projects: Lucie Mičíková(CZ) & Zuzana Žabková (SK), Eva L'Hoest (B), Mark von Rosenstiel (USA), Martinka Bobríková (SK) & Oscar de Carmen (ES), Mira Gáberová (SK), Urban Space Epics (USA), Gábor Koós (H), Viktor Valášek (CZ), Oliver Micevski (MK), 
Joris Strijbos (NL) & Nicky Assmann (NL). Open Studios create an inspiring space for informal artist-viewer encounters. The visitors discover the possibilities, limitations and blind alleys of contemporary art in confrontation with its creators.  

Musical dramaturgy
will present four remarkable artists as part of the SHAPE initiative supported from the Creative Europe funding program of the European Union. The SHAPE initiative is a platform for the support, promotion and mobility of innovative and inspiring musicians and intermedia artists interested in sound. It connects 16 organizations from 12 countries across Europe, offering 144 artists. MeetFactory is the project initiator and will present four remarkable artists:

(FR), French producer Paul Régimbeau aka Mondkopf works with musical contrast and dissimilarities. He will present his new project Extreme Precautions, influenced by the grindcore music style, characterized by heavily distorted, undertuned guitars and very short compositions.
Stanislav Abrahám
(CZ)  is an audiovisual performer, sound artist and musician. He specializes in improvising with electronic musical instruments, making sound collages with the use of sampling the sounds of objects and materials of everyday use in the real time.
(PL)  are anonymous musicians hiding their identity behind imitations of carnival masks from Haiti. They combat their own self by means of costumes and masks, declaring that music always comes first.
Joris Strijbos
(NL) creates cinetic-audiovisual installations and performances inspired by cybernetics, new systems, artificial life and communication networks. He combines electronic and digital media with models and algorithms based on biologic systems.

of the  MeetFactory is inviting you to Chambre séparée, where actors Anita Krausová, Jakub Gottwald, Dana Marková and Philipp Schenker will present scenic reading on the topic of decay after the stage play La ronde by Austrian playwright Arthur Schnitzler. The play that caused a scandal in the late 19th century opened up the topics of sex and promiscuity. How is it nowadays? What if it is not about sex at all? If it is just about lust? Power? Manipulation? Playing around? 

 Admission fee voluntary