How to get to us

MeetFactory, o. p. s.
Ke Sklárně 3213/15
150 00 Praha 5


Opening hours:
13:00 do 20:00 + based on evening program

Public House

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

3. 9. 19:00

In MeetFactory Autumn begins with inspiring, unconventional and eventful Public House.  

During a single evening, packed program will present all four dramaturgy lines of the MeetFactory: you will see three exhibitions, three concerts, interactive installation about theater, screening and Open Studios of residential artists.  

Meetfactory Gallery will present Objectonomy exhibition, which aims to exploring the economy of the commercial object in contemporary art through works by 10 artists from Israel and Czech Republic. Their works will present Sharon Balaban (IL), Jakub Geltner (CZ), Zac Hacmon (IL), Roy Menachem Markovich (IL), Jan Nálevka (CZ), Hila Toony Navok (IL), Rona Stern (IL), Adam Vackář (CZ), Aleksandra Vajd & Hynek Alt (CZ) a Roi Weiss (IL). During the evening are also going to take place another exhibitions. Mark von Rosenstiel(US) will open his exhibition named If only there were a place just quiet and bright, that also smelled good at the Kostka Gallery and David  Krňanský will present his exhibition called Jeanius on Wall Gallery.  

At the main hall will be present the experimental film by David Knapp, called The Set. The leitmotif of the film is movement, but not only the forward movement, also backward one which makes the viewer reassess what they have seen again and again, judging anew also the very possibilities of the film medium to capture reality.

An interactive installation in the theater will guide visitors through the plays we stage (Lover, Third Lie, Ukraine Automap, Insomnia, Mondschein, Malina) as well as let they glimpse into the backstage.   

Musical dramaturgy will present three artists as a part of the SHAPE initiative supported from the Creative Europe funding program of the European Union. T
he SHAPE initiative is a platform for the support, promotion and mobility of innovative and inspiring musicians and intermedia artists interested in sound. It connects 16 organizations from 12 countries across Europe, offering 144 artists. MeetFactory is the project initiator and will present:  

DJ Nigga Fox(PT) Rogério Brandão, aka DJ Nigga Fox has already played in all sorts of the greater Lisbon clubs, while discreetly refining his own productions. He’s taken all sorts of lessons from local producers, as well as from the tracks coming in from Luanda, and has created his own unnameable hybrid, informed by kuduro, afro­house, Angolan deep, tarraxinha, batida, and created some of the dopest, freshest music we’ve heard in years. 

Ideal Corpus (FR) is a French duo formed by Ciel and Fructify. Stemming from the net generation, their musical universe is an hybrid of tropical­future­bass­ghetto­jersey- footwork­EDM­happy­hardcore­pop evolving at a speed of internet as well as according to their desires. Their purpose is to represent the post­internet musical scene by approaching the questions of hyper­cultures.  

(NL) Music by Joeri Woudstra, aka Torus is somewhere between ambient, beats and the dancefloor. Woudstra has managed to strike a unique chord in a short time by defining his own sonic aesthetic and exploring the potentials within. Visually his style – gold chains, marble statues, check board floors and a sincere love for indoor plants and the Times New Roman font – borrows from the unconventional retro fascination that feeds much of the vaporwave (non)movement and twists it for his own needs.

The musical experiments will support interactive installation Landscape by Pavel Karafiát, which will present artificial world or digital track of land created in computer by code.
Landscape is not defined or determined by frame, it is not fitted to best point of view. Everyone could make his own views to part of land by moving body and head at exhibition place.

Residential Program of the Open Studios will present artist active at the MeetFactory as part of the international project. Their studios will open:
Alioune Diouf (SE), Szymon Kobylarz (PL), Kuba Woynarowski (PL), Urban Space Epics (US), Naomi Fitzsimmons (GB), Hilla Toony Navok (ISR), Zac Hacmon (ISR), Tom Pazderka (US), Agata Biskup (PL) a Viktor Valášek (CZ). 

Start at 7pm, free entry.