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MeetFactory, o. p. s.
Ke Sklárně 3213/15
150 00 Praha 5


Opening hours:
13:00 do 20:00 + based on evening program

Public House

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory
Public House

25. 4. 17:00

As part of the Týden umění in which MeetFactory participated last year already, the gates of the former glass factory will open again and present the current activities of its entire dramaturgy.

Milena Dopitová: Next Time at Your Place - MeetFactory Gallery 
MeetFactory Galerie will present an independent exhibition of a Czech artist Milena Dopitová. Dopitová entered the art scene with her installations, objects and videos at the beginning of the 90s. Since then, she has been dealing with social, gender and often personal themes. Her style is highly aesthetic and moulds masterfully fragility into strength, ordinary into magical and fear into humour and hope. The exhibition Příště u vás is introducing her current work, which reflects both personal and collective feelings of uncertainty coming from the contemporary socio-political situation.

Michal Baror & Amalia Vargas: Bite the Bullet - Kostka Gallery 
An Israeli artist Michal Baror and a French artist Amalia Vargas united their efforts in a small Galerie Kostka. It was during their residency at MeetFactory in 2018 where they found their common ground for the exhibition Bite the Bullet. Despite the age difference and the different artistic practice, the works of both artists - large format photographs playing with the perspective of a tourist and connecting random scenes from the streets of Prague with objects from local museums, complemented by sculptures that reflect the question of a representation of an object and its history - meet in a dialogue. They search for new connections that challenge our habitual perception of banal objects. Those gain a new aesthetic but also political dimension.

There will be an artist talk with both artists before the opening. 

Guided tour & performance - residential program
As tradition, the residency program of MeetFactory opens the usually inaccessible first floor to the public. Current residents will be presented during a curatorial tour with Lucia Kvočáková and Piotr Sikora. Two of those residents are Cosmina Moroșan, who is exploring literature, religion and experimental psychiatric practices in her works, and Anticorp Solar, who is characteristic for his playful, spiritual and emotional attitude to “space” in which objects act as living beings. They both come from Romania and will perform twice during the evening in a joint performance. In studio 20 you can visit an exhibition prepared by a Czech resident Hynek Alt and his students from their studio at FAMU.

Sarah Page: P.U.N.T.S.- Nikdy nevíš / You Never Know - MeetFactory Theater 
Nikdy Nevíš (You Never Know) by Sarah Page is a scenic reading that will take place twice in the theatre hall. Jack, a 25-year-old young man with a light mental disorder does not, unlike his peers, have any sexual experience. His devoted parents decide to change that and hire a professional named Julia. Directed by Adam Steinbauer, starring Zuzana Ščerbová, Daniel Rymeš, Tomáš Novotný, Eva Ventrubová.
In Czech language only. 

The evening will finish with a performance by DJs.



17:00 Sarah Page: P.U.N.T.S.- Nikdy nevíš (You Never Know) – scenic reading – theatre hall (in Czech language only) 
18:30 Michal Baror & Amalia Vargas – artist talk 
19:00 Bite the Bullet – opening –  Kostka Gallery 
19:30 Milena Dopitová: Next Time at Your Place – opening – MeetFactory Gallery  
20:00 Guided tour of the residential floor 
20:30 Cosmina Moroșan & Anticorp Solar - performance
21:30 Cosmina Moroșan & Anticorp Solar - performance
22:00 DJs  

19.00–00:00 exhibition Jackpot – studio 20  
19:00-00:00 open studios