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Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

27. 2. 18:00

A February edition of gallery evening in MeetFactory will present an opening of the exhibition Placed into Abyss by Rodrigo Arteaga and the exhibition Someone Walking Around (Ten, kdo chodí kolem). During the evening, we'll also let you in our residence floor to check out the recent stars and works by them. Also, you can walk around with our residency curators Lucia Kvočáková and Piotr Sikora. 

Rodrigo Arteaga: Placed into Abyss

As the subject of his project, Rodrigo Arteaga chose the historical development of greenhouses connected with the biologist and researcher Frank Stainbridge. In the 19th century, Stainbridge's greenhouses contained over two thousand tropical plants that had been unknown until then. Arteaga has reconstructed the architecture of the individual greenhouse constructions and the lost plants. To assemble them, he used recursion, as one can tell from the project name – “Placed into Abyss” – that refers to the “mise en abyme” (or “picture in picture” technique.

Someone Walking Around 

Nine artists of different generations, connected by both sensitivity and the ability to focus. Someone who is walking around might be a flâneur – a perceptive observant of the world around them, and an introverted designer of their own microcosmos at the same time. In any case, they are an entertaining storyteller. Each of the artists develops their own individual approach to their work in this collective experiment. That places the text somewhere between a catalogue and the free writing technique. Details which may or may not repeat and connect within the art exhibition become essential while reading and watching. Oftentimes, a memory, a moment, or a place emerges about which a novel could be written. But that is up to the viewer’s attention since anyone can become a someone who is walking around.

Residency floor

We are going to present the project 
The New Dictionary of Old Ideas. We are going to do a silkscreen workshop with Oleksander Pavlov. There will be a screening of movies by Tomasz Kręcicky and Jiří Žák. Last but not least, we'll say goodbye to our current residents Barbora Fastrová & Johana Pošová. 

Entry: Free
6 pm Rodrigo Arteaga: Placed into Abyss – opening
6:30 pm Somenone Walking Around – opening
7 pm Residency Floor Guided Tour 19:00–23:00
7 pm–11 pm Open Studios