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Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

18. 11. 19:00

A November inter-genre evening in MeetFactory will focus on traditions: we invite you to the openings of an exhibition of Anna Hulačová (CZ), Tereza Příhodová (CZ) and Karolina Rossi (CZ) Canon in the Kostka Gallery and screening of the video serie Cock’s scream by Pavel Jestřáb.  

In the collaborative work of three distinctive artists, where diverse motives and approaches overlap, canon is understood as an unorthodox universe. The pillars of the imaginary temple are based on the common belief in nature, traditional symbols, chaos and order, original roots of spiritual practices, or the eloquence of materials. The exhibition is led by the desire to capture all of this in a united narrative, just as contemporary as it is timeless.  

Video series called Cock's scream was filmed during the artist’s stay in Thailand. The subject matter of the videos is folklore ensembles’ abroad tours done in order to present the folk culture of Slovácko Region. Pavel Jestřáb, proudly wearing Slovácko national costume, brings into a variety of mostly sacred places of the Thai culture glimpses of traditional rites performed in Slovácko villages in the course of the year – we witness a Christian divine service given at a Buddhist Temple, or horse riding at a beach under the Ape Mountain. The videos are part of Pavel Jestřáb final thesis, defended at the Intermedia Confrontation studio, the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, Prague.

Residential artists Urban Space Epics (US), Leafar Legov (DE) a Ecem Moran (TR) are sharing an interest about experimental film and music and for their joint performance they will create an atmospheric combination of field recordings, live sampling and screening for which will be most important glitch elemens and coincidence.