How to get to us

MeetFactory, o. p. s.
Ke Sklárně 3213/15
150 00 Praha 5


Opening hours:
13:00 do 20:00 + based on evening program

Wax Museum + Svaz

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

13. 3. 20:00

Disco. Funk. Riot! The eclectic six–piece ensemble Wax Museum return to MeetFactory, this time with new material from their upcoming debut album, out soon on Sing Sing Soundsystem. Teasing the record is a fresh single People, an anarcho–party anthem that takes it to the street. "Written and recorded in one blurry night, it’s a call to let loose and be yourself, a soundtrack to recklessness that set ups the most certified party – where no one knows when they’re going to stop, and no one knows when they’re going to leave." The band confront pop and disco with punk aesthetics and the theme of Berlin's vibrant nightlife.

Wax Museum will perform at MeetFactory alongside a newly formed band Svaz, which emerged from the art collective 6000 Ωveček. Svaz work with evocations of musical experiences, inspired by the idea of human modesty and nakedness (reflected in a certain modesty of instrumentation) and the performative aspects of religious rituals. As for the form itself, elements of neofolk, post–punk and sometimes black metal echo in the band's music.

390 CZK via MeetFactory & GoOut
490 CZK at the door

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