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Preparation for academies of visual arts focusing on architecture, design, graphics, illustration, ceramics, painting, sculpture, restoration, stage design and other branches is similar, only with minor modifications related to the chosen branch of study. The basis being drawing, work with color and spatial orientation.

Within the academy studies preparation we are opening the following branches: DRAWING, PAINTING and SCULPTURE.
Part of the curriculum is the history of visual culture with focus on the 19th and 20th centuries, the contemporary art scene both in Czechia and abroad. Consultations of own creation correspond to branches of fine and applied art, i.e. each consultation is lead by a specialized artist or teacher of the corresponding branch at the Art Academy.  
 Envisaged schooling / three hours a week, extra two hours of consultation per month / There will be two hours a month of the History of Visual Culture lectures.  
Drawing, painting, sculpture / three blocs independently defined, in case of two or more branches selected, a discount applies.
The History of Visual Culture and consultations are the same for all branches.

Application are under different fields / DRAWING  PAINTING  STATUE  


The studies are designed for general public. Expected time scope is three hours /week. The contents and topics are individually designed, and can be freely adjusted to the student’s talents (abilities) and needs. The History of Visual Culture, contemporary trends and tendencies in visual arts are part of the curricula.

Application are under different fields / DRAWING PAINTING STATUE   

AD HOC EVENTS - dates, theme of the event and registration form can be found at NEWS
The workshops shall enable you to specialize in the above disciplines, which you will not find in standard educational programs. However, they are necessary for you to give shape to your ideas. You will get an overview of technologies, contemporary materials, and will develop your manual skills. The workshop studios will be conducted in the scope of 8 - 24 hours, i.e. 1-3 days / educational bloc / regularly or on appointed dates. Maximum number of students: 5 / both contents and topics of the studies are determined by the tutor.  
casting _ moulds / plaster /
casting / epoxy / acrystal / polyurethane /
casting _ profile drawing / plasterpolystyrene, polyuretane plastika ala primalamination grinding _ cementing airbrush weldingcanvass preparation