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Zrní (CZ) & Korben Dallas (SK) - SOLD OUT

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

22. 1. 20:00

Top bands of the Czech "alternative" will meet again on one stage. This time it will be here on 22.1.2015 starting at 20:00. After many sold out tours in Slovakia and Czech Republic, you will have a chance to once again see this unique double concert. On this night only! Each band will be covering a song by the other. Which songs will it be? We’ll find out on the spot!

Part of the concert will be an exhibition of original paintings and illustrations from the album Následuj kojota (Zrní) by the artist Aleš Fulín starting at 18:00.

If you're wondering about the genre of music this band plays, be sure to know that they don't give a damn about labels. And if somebody asks them, they reply: gentle artbrut, Kladno coal zen. However, what we can say is that they play some of the top concerts. As soon as you hear them live, they will get you. And thats why people go to their gigs. Their performance is the same as their music. Distinctive, hypnotic, compact, energetic, believable. Even though they sing in Czech, they are global. If you still don't have any idea what to expect, take bohemian violin full of tenderness and ferocity, add playful guitar matured to perfection, analytical bass pulsing with heart that pairs perfectly with urgent drums, and a boyishly clear, confident voice with a little bit of psychedelic visionary utterance. Spice it with beatbox, electro, accordion, flute, and pure energy that will soak into your mind and body. And you won’t know what to do first: watch that guitar bounce behind the drums, drums behind the accordion while singing is pounding furiously in the trunk, or maybe you should just close your eyes and "fly through the darkness, alone, dark, flying through the darkness."

Zrní is comprised of five boys that don't need to prove anything to anybody – they don't give a damn about outfits, they have got something to say and they feel good playing together. Their last album, Následuj kojota, received great reviews and feedback from fans. For their last album Soundtrack ke konci světa they were nominated into all sorts of charts and domestic prizes, which eventually resulted in Zrní winning the  Newcomer of the Year prize at the 2012 Angel awards.
Zrní has four studio albums, the last one named Follow the Coyote (2014), which will be released as an extended version on 2LP.

Korben Dallas
The band KORBEN DALLAS from Bratislava started in 2010. During this relatively short time, they became one of the most popular Slovak bands. Their debut album Pekné cesty (2011), which was created as a live record, was nominated for Radio Head Awards in the Album of the Year category - Critics' Award. More significantly, the band established itself with the second album Karnevalová vrana, which was released in 2013 under the label Slnko Records. The band recorded clips for three songs: Otec, Zlatý jeleň and Beh. Karnevalová vrana got to number one on the album chart the of Slovak versions of iTunes and Spotify, and at Radio Head Awards 2013. Korben Dallas won the prize for best album, single (Otec) and best live band. Korben Dallas is pleased to collaborate with other musicians and bands. On the session of Rádio_FM they played with guest Andrej Šeban, and in the Czech Republic they have played a series of concerts with the band Zrní. They have also played in many leading Czech and Slovak festivals such as Pohoda, Grape and Trutnov. Last album titled Banská Bystrica was released in October 2014.

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The presale tickets are sold out. There will be few dozens of last tickets available at the door for 290 CZK. Come early!