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Adriana Disman

Adriana DismanAdriana DismanAdriana Disman

Adriana Disman (1989) is a performance art maker, thinker, and writer. She is Czech-Iraqi, born in Canada, and currently living in Berlin. Since 2010, her solo work has been presented in numerous festivals and galleries across Canada, the United States, Europe, and India. Disman's practice searches for minor modes of resistance as she seeks liberation – an interdependent and as yet un-imagined state – through refusing to adhere to the logics of power. Often engaging with self-wounding, her work is minimal, poetic, and intense. Having completed her PhD on the pathologisation of self-wounding in performance art from Queen Mary University of London in Jan 2023, she is now writing a novel. Tentatively entitled "Comfort", the book examines housing precarity in Berlin through obsession, faith, and social justice rhetoric to ask what stops us from living together, differently? Her present performance work reflects the same topic, as the writing and performing feed into each other. She investigates these topics during her residency at the MeetFactory, as well as possibly tracing her Czech-Jewish ancestors for a future project.

2023 Doctorate completed at Queen Mary University of London, supervised by Dominic Johnson and Martin O'Brien, on the topic of the pathologisation of self-wounding in performance art. Attended on full Principal's Studentship (scholarship).
2013 M.A. in Theatre and Performance Studies, York University Toronto. Attended on full scholarship.
2009 Graduate of the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre, NYC.

Recent Selected Works:

2023 forthcoming, co-editing a book called "50 Key Performance Artists" for Routledge with T. Nikki. Cesare Schotzko

Solo Performances
2022 Spektrum, Rumelange, Luxembourg (part of Esch Cultural Capital 2022)
2022 Schloss Charlottenburg, Kleine Orangerie, Berlin
2021 PSX: 10 Years of Performance Art in the UK exhibition, London, UK
2021 Artist in residence at VSSL Studio, 7 months, supported by Arts Council England and ]performance s p a c e[, London, UK
2019 LIVE Biennale in Vancouver, Canada
2019 Performance in Minsk, Belarus
2019 Studio im HochHaus, Berlin, Germany
2019 Performance Crossings Festival, Prague, Czech
2019 Casino Luxembourg, Luxembourg City
2019 Hearsay Festival, Kilfinane, Ireland
2018 M:ST Festival of Performance Art, Calgary, Alberta
2018 Artist residency and performance presentations awarded by La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse with CRVENA & Lala Raščić at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, Croatia and NONA RESIDENCY in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
2018 Fonderie Darling, Montreal, Canada
2018 New Genres Festival at Living Arts, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Date of residency: 1. 3. 2023 - 30. 4. 2023

01_main foto Oliver Möst 
02_performance Go and Stop Progress, s p a c e and VSSL studio, August 2021, photo by Zack Mennell 
03_performance_of care work(who cares_) LIVE Biennale in Vancouver, Canada, 2019, photo by Alisha Wang
04_performance What is a Sense of Self, Crossings festival, 2019, photo by Svetlana Lopedo