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Alioune Diouf

Alioune Diouf (*1964) was born and lives in Dakar. Since childhood, he devoted himself to carpentry and woodwork, later his interest shifted to sculpture, drawing, painting. In the nineties, he was one of the artists that occupied and revitalised the area of the famous art colony in Dakar Village des Arts, which is in operation until this day. In 2001, he spent six-months in residency in Morocco. For several decades, he worked with Senegalese artist Issa Samb (Joe Ouakam), with whom he continuously creates an extensive environment in Samb’s yard. In his current work, he focuses mainly at painting on paper, canvas or fabric, often employing embroidery. Thematically, he is particularly interested in his immediate environments, everyday life, dialogue and interpersonal interaction.  

The residency is kindly supported by the Czech Embassy in Dakar and the Ministry of Culture in Senegal.