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Andrej Žabkay


Andrej Žabkay (1987) was born in Bratislava where he lives and works. His work is based on the daily search for an image that will allow him to see the view, where he has the opportunity to leave human perception. The current point on which their work is based is the critique of anthropocentrism. He works with various materials - creating objects, installations, photographs that act as reflection points in this respect.
Together with the team of APART, he made several exhibitions, including Kunsthalle Bratislava, HIT Gallery and Prague Karlín Studios. As part of the APART collective, he has been involved in the preparation of publications such as Mehraneh Atashi, Catarina Simao, Milan Adamchiak and Babi Badalov. In 2017, the APART team together with other finalists was awarded the Oskar Čepan Prize.


Between 2011 and 2017, he studied at the Bratislava Academy of Fine Arts and Design, first a photography in the studio of Lubo Stacho, later in the intermedia studio "IN" of Ilona Németh, where he finished his studies.

Selected exhibitions:

2015 – a,b,c Galéria Hit (SK) 
2016 – Handle with care – Fragile – Thank You
2017 – Possibility of preserving - Kunsthalle Bratislava(SK)
2017 – A part of Monolith, Karlín studios, Prague(CZ) 
2017 – Continuously growing horizontal underground stems: Geopoetics in times of Anthropocene, plusminus gallery, žilina (SK) 
2018 – ART IS WORK, Krokus gallery, Bratislava(SK) 
2018 – Depersonalization, HotDock Gallery, Bratislava(SK) 

The residency of Andrej Žabkay is a part of the project The New Dictionary of Old Ideas.