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Anne-Claire Barriga

Anne-Claire Barriga was born in 1985 in French Brittany. She graduated at the School of Applied Arts in Prague after she finished a cursus in sociology (EHESS) and literature (Sorbonne University) in Paris, where she studied, among other subjects, the calculation of God's surface (pataphysics), mad writers and waves in surf videos. Working mostly on text and videos, she often uses the two mediums simultaneously in a sophisticated approach on language, mixing fragmental discourse, paraphrases and memory.   

If Anne-Claire Barriga’s narration may sometimes appear complex, it always refers to an instinctive and authentic relation to experience. Dealing with concrete themes as the hostile human collective organization (work in factory, manipulation in capitalist society….) as well as more abstract subjects of observations (the ocean), Anne-Claire Barriga focuses more generally on the study of phenomenons. In her art, natural and human-constructed phenomenons are represented as inevitable waves of intention, both infinite and absent, both attractive and threatening. They appear and disappear, leaving no other traces than the memory of their movement. 

In more recent works, Anne-Claire extended her practice to the realization of objects, presented together with her texts and videos as installations. The object, often exhibited as proof, material concretization of one mutation, interferes in the fiction and interrogates the viewer on the boundaries between the reality and the film.  

In 2015, the artist also worked on hallucination and series of silent songs.