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Axel Gouala

Visual artist and musician, Axel Gouala was born in 1987 in Paris. He graduated in fine arts from HEAR of Strasbourg (FR) with honours in 2014. His education includes studies at the ABABO, Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna (IT) in 2013. He was awarded with the 2014 Special Prize of Arts, by the Amical Society of Art and Museums of Strasbourg (SAAMS) in 2014. He is currently represented by Le Point Fort Art Gallery in Alsace (FR), Lorraine (FR) and Bade-Wurtemberg (GE) and a member of the collective Les Individus in Strasbourg (FR)

Working mainly in the field of sculpture and installation, combining raw and sophisticated materials, Axel Gouala creates images of mutations, connections : how does a space become an architecture, an architecture a space, a mountain a ruin, a ruin a mountain, as well as a landscape with a body, a body with a tree, a statue with stone, and so on. These images highlight the plastic qualities of both vegetal and mineral world, movement and immobility. He is also interested in the corporeality of natural elements.