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Opening hours:
13:00 do 20:00 + based on evening program

Barbora Fastrová & Johana Pošová

Barbora Fastrová's and Johana Pošová's cooperation dates back to 2014's exhibition in Berlínskej model gallery in Prague. Since then, the duo has created multiple exhibitions in the Czech Republic as well as abroad and also participated in a shared residence. They subjected the relation between the nature and the western society. Formally, they do not limit themselves by a specific media but rather select the most suitable method for each project.

Barbora Fastrová and Johana Pošová won Artist-In-Residency program´s open call Český ateliér v MeetFactory / Czech Studio in MeetFactory 

During their 2-month-long residence in INI gallery this winter, we realized that meeting on a regular basis in a shared studio in order to create together can be very prolific and therefore we would like to repeat such an opportunity. We experienced that space sharing leads us to intense work reflected in the quality of the resulting artwork.

We would like to focus on a new project with the working title “love potion” in the future. In the process, we intend to explore the power we possess over materials and the power that the materials possess within. We intend to balance on the verge of conscious work and intuitive processes which can guide us while we create the ecstatic potion. This artistic process is a way of searching for the right form of this potion. It is possible that we will find ourselves in a static installation, or a performance, or both. We are interested in the process of searching and experimenting.

* “The paths of his inventions were studded with thorns and covered with sweat which made his joy from earning his experiences even bigger.”

We aim to create a laboratory to experiment with materials in both technical and magical manner. With faith in the technological procedures as well as in the ritual power of intangible processes.

*“Resembling the medieval alchemist, he drudged at his illusion, then fell and arose on his feet again.”

In our previous projects, we found our inspiration in multiple sources of surrounding phenomena such as voodoo
 religion, pagan rituals and only recently we added studies of kabbalah into our list.

We have gained interest for these trends naturally, through various projects, while putting the determined objective (theme) first. Afterwards we searched for ways to approach it.  Magic has become a part of this path.

During working on our last project in INI, we realized we became interested in the principle of donating pieces of art we create. We appreciate the moment of giving which creates new path of approaching art, both for us artists as for the visitors. The theme of love potion anticipates the possibility of enriching our audience in direct encounter with our work to a certain extent.

*quotes from Zdeněk Jirotka, Saturnin

Barbora Fastrová (born 1988)
MA, Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, Photography, 2008-2015
Internship, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Sculpture, 2013
Internship, Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, Sculpture Studio, 2012
Graphic High School Hellichova, Prague, Photography and Media, 2004-2008

Johana Pošová (born 1985)
Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, Photography, 2005-2011
Internship, Academia de Bellas Artes Valencia, Photography, 2008
Internship, Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, Animation, 2007
Graphic High School Hellichova, Prague, Photography and Media 2001-2005