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Bohdana Zaiats

Bohdana Zaiats

Bohdana Zaiats (* 2002, Kyiv) is a student of philosophy and art. In her practice, she mainly deals with illustration, comics and zine creation. She publishes her work preferably in the online environment under the identity @my_pet_spider. Using short juxtapositions of drawings and texts, she reflects on moments from her life that inspire her poetic and political thinking. Bohdana Zaiats currently focuses her research on the images of violence and war and what opportunities for engagement or passivity our regular encounters with them provide. Bohdana Zaiats is a fourth year student of Aesthetics and Ethics at Taras Shevchenko National University in Kyiv as well as a student of the Contemporary Art Program at the Academy of Media Arts in Kyiv.

Date of residency: 11.10.2022 – 07.12.2022

The residency is a part of the project Ruritania and Other Edges of the World supported by the Program EU Creative Europe.