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Camilla Steinum (NO/DE)

Camilla Steinum  (NO/DE)
Camilla Steinum was born 1986 in Oslo. She lives and works in Berlin.

Steinum predominantly works with textiles, ready-made objects and metal frameworks, while focussing on the qualities and characteristics of materials and objects as such. When carefully arranged and manipulated, these materials create a juxtaposition that highlight their ‘material contrasts’ (dirty/clean, organic/structured, soft/hard). These analogues can also refer to ‘human’ features, such as manners and other traits connected to social conventions. Many of the objects used by the artist are existing items that form part of our daily routine. These non-descriptive items and ‘voiceless’ things are pulled away from their traditional uses and reimagined into sculptural assemblages.

Camilla Steinum graduated with a BA (in Visual Art Textiles, 2009) and an MFA (2012) from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. In 2015 she visited The Mountain School of Arts, California. Her recent solo exhibitions include In Spite of Chores at Soy Capitán (Berlin 2017), Dubious Desire for Cleanliness at Rod Barton (London, 2015) and Symbols of Existential Dirt at One Night Only (Olso, 2014). She has been an artist in residence at Oslo Academy of the arts (Oslo, NO) and Do It With Others (Tilburg, NL). 

Camilla Steinum's residency is based on the invitation of curator Christina Gigliotti

This residence in MeetFactory is in collaboration with the Goethe Institute in Prague.