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Deok Yeoung Gim

Deok Yeoung Gim's work is about the coexistence of surface and mass and acts that change balance in to instability. The "surface", with its massive proliferations and cracks corresponds to the pictorial language of destruction; at times they enter into an unconventional symbiosis in his work. Tumour-like formations shoot out from the surfaces of his objects and works. Charged with energy, they overcome the tension between exterior and interior. He describes these proliferations as parasites, which appear to be uncontrollable and he places them in a social context. These latent, energized and ambiguous proliferations can at any moment breakthrough the surface and transform society.  

He has given to his latest work the programmatic title “Communicating Art”. Above all, it examines the process by which work of art evolves, by which it can be verbally and visually articulated.