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Dominika Trapp

Dominika Trapp – 1988, Budapest – graduated as a painter at The Hungarian University of Arts, Budapest in 2012. Her practice has been characterized by a two-way interest: on the one hand, a sensitive painterly approach that allows for intuition and introspection; and on the other hand, an outward-directed sensitivity aiming to facilitate dialogues between communities in the service of collective self-knowledge. In her latest collaborative solo show, she focused on the boundaries defined by folk culture. Looking behind the ideals conveyed by folk music and folk dance, as well as behind the discursive, symbolic and somatically ingrained elements of rural culture, the exhibition attempted to reread these communal norms from a present perspective. 

For the past two years, she has participated in the residency programs of Art in General in New York, the Erste Stiftung in Vienna, and FUTURA in Prague. In 2020, her solo exhibitions were presented at Trafó Gallery in Budapest and at Karlin Studios in Prague. In 2021 she participated at the 14th Baltic Biennale in Vilnius. She is currently enrolled in the multimedia art doctoral program of MOME—University of Applied Arts Budapest. 

Date of residency: 23. 09. 2021 - 04. 11. 2021