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Enrique del Castillo

Enrique del CastilloEnrique del CastilloEnrique del Castillo

Enrique del Castillo (1982) began his music studies at the Ramón Garay Conservatory for ten years and continues studying art at the universities of Granada, Barcelona and Halle Saale. Since 2007 he combines the two disciplines, beginning to be interested in experimental music, creating projects such as Las barbas indómitas, TETENAL and Oniropompo. In 2O16 he received the first prize in the Preventive Music contest and the first prize International Sound Art PowSOLO at 2O2O. He has received grants for the development of experimental sound projects in BilbaoArte in 2018 and in the Center for Contemporary Creation of Andalusia C3A in 2O19. He has also participated in the exhibition "The Garden of Earthly Delights”, a tour through the works of the SOLO collection that is exhibited at Matadero Madrid until February 2O22, with the sound kinetic sculpture – Umbrafono II. It has also participated in competitions such as the exhibition Museé Transitorie de Geneva, Switzerland or at the Ars Santa Mónica center in Barcelona. He has also presented his performances at film galas such as the Festival of Young Creators of Granada, the Catacumba film festival of Valencia or the Malaga Fancine Film Festival. He has developed works in collaboration with filmmakers of experimental cinema and cinema expanded between 2O11/2O19 as Miguel A. Puertas developing film pieces expanded and experimental cinema since 2O1O (Noctiluca, ONIROKINO)


  • Ramón Garay Professional Conservatory of Music, Jaén, Spain
  • College Degree Fine Arts, Granada / Halle-Saale, Germany
  • Master's degree in artistic creation and production University of Barcelona, Spain


2016 Preventive music Córdoba, Spain
2020 PowSOLO First International Sound Art Award


2018 BilbaoArt, Bilbao, Spain
2019 Contemporary Creation Center of Andalusia C3A, Córdoba, Spain

Works and exhibitions

2022 “The Garden of Earthly Delights, a journey through the works of the SOLO collection”, Umbraphone ll, Matadero Madrid, Spain
2022 Triptych “Shadow and Sound”, Medina Azahara Foundation, Córdoba, Spain
2022 "Jondo" Palace of the Admiral, Granada and Botí Foundation, Córdoba, Spain


2022 Ars Santa Monica Center Barcelona, Spain
2022 MACBA in Barcelona, Spain
2019 Contemporary Creation Center October, Valencia, Spain
2021 Central Theater, Seville, Spain
2021 Admiral's Palace, Granada, Spain
2022 Reina Cristina Theater, Seville, Spain
2022 Master Lav, Madrid, Spain
2021 Insonora, Madrid, Spain
2021 Geneva Transitional Museum, Switzerland
2022 Braille Satellite Fest, Vilnius, Lithuania
2017 Filmoteca de Andalucía, Córdoba, Spain
2021 Isabel la Católica Theater, Granada, Spain
2021 Colasoloxias, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
2022 Dantz Fest, Donosti, Tabacalera, Spain
2021 Fusion Fest, Berlin, Germany
2022 Botí Foundation, Córdoba, Spain

Date of residency: 11. 4. 2023 - 5. 6. 2023