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Eva L'Hoest

Eva L'Hoest (born in 1991 in Liege, Belgium) is completing a master degree in videography at the Fine Arts Royal Academy in Liege - ESAL(B). Her work has already been exhibited in Belgium, Germany and China. Since 2010, Eva belongs to a collective of young artists "La Superette", which is implanted in a gallery rue Neuvice in Liege and promotes various events. In 2014, she coordinated a project on the new site of the Dour Music Festival, bringing together musical performances and multidisciplinary structures.

« My researches are primarily based on devices producing figures and shapes, transforming common visual illustrations into abstract manifestations and narrations, similar to anthropomorphic landscapes.

Despite the fundamental importance of light in my work, i film mostly at night. Nocturnal strolls help me to isolate the subjects from each other and to capture a certain stillness that extends the projection capacity of the elements. A parallel is created between the one who shoots in the darkness and the viewer who is immersed in the obscurity of a screening room. 
The state of concentration demanded by these systemic capture devices plunging me in a state near of hypnosis, similar to that of hypnotized spectator. The reflexive dimension of my work is based on the sensitive exploration of visual forms. »