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Opening hours:
13:00 do 20:00 + based on evening program

Garance Malivel

How can we critically reflect on our cultural, economic and social frames in ways that are individually and collectively thoughtful and empowering? How do we move beyond merely taking notice of the issues of our contemporary democracies and dare to picture, shape and enact alternatives?

These are some of the questions Garance Malivel is investigating through her research and work, that combines creative practices, curating, publishing, and workshop formats. She is interested in developing encounters between various academic and non-academic fields of knowledge, in fruitful modes of experimentation. Particular attention is given to the intersection of artistic research, societal issues and activism, and to topics related to social ecology, environmental justice, the notion of commons, and alternative pedagogies.

With a background in art history and theory, museum studies, cultural mediation and social sciences, she was formerly an Associate Curator at the Center for Art and Research Bétonsalon in Paris before starting to work independently on various projects. Driven by the idea of prefigurative action and politics, she will develop during her residency at MeetFactory a research punctuated and nourished by collaborative formats, such as group discussions and hands-on workshops as means of enabling collective thinking and experiential knowledge.