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Gil Delindro

Gil Delindro (⃰1989) is a multidisciplinary artist working on the conflicting relation between nature, ego and technology. Through a cross-border practice of filmmaking, installation, performance and field research. His work offers a bond between mediums, facing concepts such as animism, movement, decay and post digital conflicts.   

Sound is the binding element in Delindro´s language, it represents the immaterial nature of matter, a continuous collapse of the present in to the past that has no fixed body - such idea is a core question of his work, how do we perceive intangible and imperceptible processes in nature, how conscious of their movement can we become. Delindro works primarily with raw organic elements and analog self-built processes, creating a very physical, sensory and visceral work that embraces both a concrete and unique imaginary land.  His installations often become independent beings with life expectancy that exist in a transient state of mutation, where reductionism and holism can coexist.  

Based between Porto and Berlin, his artwork has been awarded and presented in an extensive variety of locations, from isolated rural areas to museums and venues in Toronto, São Paulo, Marrakech, New York and Europe extensively. His practice is based upon constant field research in isolated landscapes - in late 2015 he was one of the chosen artists taking part in a 3-month residency in the African Sahara desert - The weight of Mountains. In 2017 he will take part in a field research project in the Amazonian rainforest.