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Glenda Zapata

Glenda ZapataGlenda ZapataGlenda Zapata

Glenda Zapata (1982) was born in La Paz-Bolivia, currently lives and works in Madrid-Spain. She has exhibited individually and collectively both in her native country and around the world. As in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, United States, England, Italy, Germany and Spain. Her line of work encompasses different technical media, such as installation art, photography, audio, video to investigate and question the theme of mortality from multiple perspectives. Her artistic search considers the cultural, ritual and emotional contexts of the experience of death and of people who find themselves in adverse situations, delves into its causes and consequences to visualize from the most elemental materiality the transitory nature of existence. His work participates in both territories, balances between an existential and philosophical search and the rigor of an almost scientific methodology, thus generating unexpected frictions, disturbing encounters, and the raw testimony of many voices silenced by indifference and oblivion.

Studies at the National Academy of Fine Arts in La Paz-Bolivia (2001-2006) specializing in painting and alternative media. Subsequently she attended workshops in performance, sound art, photography and cataloging of cultural property. Currently studying Forensic Anthropology and Anthropology of Death at the Instituto de Formación Profesional en Ciencias Forenses IFPCF in Madrid-Spain.

Solo exhibitions:
2022 La Parecería "Médula" Madrid -Spain
2020 Freijo Gallery "Panic" Madrid-Spain.
2019 Espacio Naranjo "Conmemoración a todas las Impúnitas" Madrid- Spain
2017 OKK/raum29 " Semblanza" Berlin- Germany
2017 Calle Ramón Luján, Usera " El Silencio del Porcino" Madrid- Spain
2017 El Desnivel ¨El Nervio¨ Exhibition held at the Materia Gris Residence, La Paz-Bolivia.
2016 Simón I Patiño Foundation " Enmienda" La Paz - Bolivia
2015 Martadero, "Espinazo Caníbal", Cochabamba- Bolivia
2014 Espacio creativo IMA, "Espinazo Caníbal", La Paz-Bolivia
2008 Casa Rosada Cultural Center," Anamnesis", Santiago- Chile

Date of residency: 1. 2. 2023 - 6. 4. 2023

The residency is a part of the project Ruritania and Other Edges of the World supported by the Program EU Creative Europe.