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Hedwig Saxenhuber

Hedwig SaxenhuberHedwig Saxenhuber



Hedwig Saxenhuber a curator and co-editor of the arts periodical springerin Hefte für Gegenwartskunst, Vienna.

From 2005 – 2015 founding curator  (together with Christian Kravagna) at Kunstraum Lakeside at Klagenfurt.  They created a special exhibition and discussing format with „Semesterprograms“ linked to the University of Klagenfurt and the Technologypark:»Views of Economy «, »Borderlines of Work«, »Economic Edens« »Media Use«, »Mobility and Control«, »Economic  and Gender«, »Learning from ...«, »Close Ties« »Neighborhood«, »Reordering«, »On a Quest«,  »Future I«,  »Reconstructions«, »This Really Happened Here«,  »Geography«,  »Crisis . States«, »Controlled Bodies«, »Bad Seeds« and »Form and Identity«.

Her large-scale projects include “The School of Kyiv“, Kiev Biennal 2015; “Unrest of Form – Imagining the Political Subject”, (Vienna Festival, MQ, 2013). 2010-2012 Artistic Director at Viennafair (together with Georg Schöllhammer), „Bertha von Suttner Revisited“, (Schloss Harmannsdorf, together with Susanne Neuburger, 2009);  „A Ladies Almanach“, (Tranzit Prag, 2009); „Art + Politics“, from the Collection of the City of Vienna (MUSA, Vienna 2008); Parallel Histories, ACF, New York, 2006, (together with Georg Schöllhammer); Gyumri Biennal, Armenia, 2008; VALIE EXPORT, (Moscow Biennal, NCCA, 2007); and „Postorange, Contemporary Art from Ukraine” (Kunsthalle, Vienna 2006); Kurze Karrieren (together with Susanne Neuburger, mumok, 2004). 1992-1996 curator at the Kunstverein Munich organized exhibitions by Andrea Fraser, Christian Philipp Müller, Adrian Piper, Louise Lawler, Imi Giese, „Oh boy, it´s a girl“ a.o.

Currently she is working on an exhibition about “Who is 1968“ for the Kunstmuseum Lentos and Nordico in Linz, where Prague 1968 is an important matter of interest.

With the kind support by Bundeskanzleramt Österreich and Rakouské kulturní forum.