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Ilka Theurich

Ilka TheurichIlka TheurichIlka TheurichIlka Theurich

Ilka Theurich (1971) is a visual performance and sound artist living in Hannover, Germany. She is known for her experimental and provocative works that challenge social norms and explore the boundaries of social impact, investigating the effects of action or inaction, activity, project, or policy on people and communities. Her artistic practice revolves around questions of the performative context of space, horizontal democracy, critical spatial practice, and spatial politics. She is interested in the deployment of her social-poetical-performance-practice as a methodology in the field of critical spatial practice. She collaboratively works and consults on conceptualizing and implementing performance art-based research on urban planning and architecture.

Theurich studied Fine Art with a focus on Sound Art in Hannover, Berlin, and Tokyo, and Live Art and Performance Studies at the University of the Arts in Helsinki, where she developed a keen interest in performance art. In the early 2000s, she began to create her own works, often involving physical endurance, mental strength, and audience participation. Theurich's works span various media, including in-situ installations, video/sound installations, site-specific performances, drawings, and participatory projects in public space. Her performances are raw and intense.

Ilka Theurich has exhibited and performed in a variety of countries and contexts, with shows at galleries, museums, and international performance festivals, including the Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo in Montevideo, URUGUAY, OPEN International Performance Art Festival in Guangzhou, CHINA, ZERO PLATFORM - International Performance Art Festival in Yangon, MYANMAR, and parallel with 17th Architecture Biennale in Venice, at the Giudecca Art District in Venice, ITALY.

During her residency at the MeetFactory, she will research and develop a new project called "The Sound of the Dying Forest," which includes a virtual reality experience. Through her new work, Ilka Theurich encourages viewers to consider their relationship with the natural world and reflect on the impact of human actions on the environment. Her work serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving and protecting the planet for future generations.

Date of residency: 1. 3. 2023 - 30. 4. 2023

The residency of Ilka Theurich is awarded a grant for CULTURE MOVES EUROPE by the European Union and the Goethe-Institut

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