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Ivan Izquierdo

The International Center for Contemporary Art MeetFactory welcomes the Spanish visual artist Ivan Izquierdo thanks to a partnership with the Spanish Embassy in Prague for the year 2014. He will be here for a three-month residency to implement a large-scale mural for the Wall Gallery.

Ivan Izquierdo is a multidisciplinary artist who works across numerous genres of contemporary art. He is able to draw on new media and digital technologies, as well as from drawings and street art. He is interested in different concepts and the overlapping of reality and fantasy. He creates images and sounds which primarily aim to explore the human condition and its relationship to modern society, nature and technology. To express his ideas he works with a wide range of media- from ink, charcoal and graphite to animation and video. He uses this combination of elements in various formats and sizes - from paper, latex and small documents to large murals on exterior facades and walls in public spaces. His work provokes in the viewer a sense of unease, forcing them to move around the space and think about their own reality and its interaction with various aspects of today's society.   During his three-month residence, Ivan Izquierda will open his studio several times to the general public. At the end of his stay in MeetFactory he will create a large-scale  mural on the Wall Gallery, presenting both the current graffiti and street art scene, as well as trying to outreach to new formats of classical painting.

Ivan Izquierdo's residency is kindly supported by the Embassy of Spain in Prague.

Resident schedule

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory
Ivan Izquierdo (ES): deba(tete) inter(ir)acional

7. 5. 2014 — 27. 7. 2014

Gallery Wall

Ivan Izquierdo (ES): deba(tete) inter(ir)acional

A large-scale site-specific painting prepared for Wall Gallery