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Jens Heitjohann

Jens Heitjohann studied Applied Theatre Studies at the University of Gießen, Germany. He completed his degree in 2007.

Since 2000 he developed projects that are often situated in an intermediary field between sound art, theatre and performance, environment and video art. His works are often based on highly conceptual, scientifically inspired structures, constituted of clearly defined rules and combined with a technical setup that pretends the possibilities of a game. The process of their production mostly starts with an extensive research and is quite often based on intense interrogations of participants and/or specialists. Their results are combined or contrasted with other materials, sometimes fictional, so that different levels illuminate and criticize each other.

Selected works of the last years: Museum des Augenblicks, with Auftrag:Lorey, Frankfurt/Main (2008); preparation for performances that will have happened, Leipzig (2008); S. sendet, Dresden (2010); NachKlang, Leipzig (2010); SehSucht – Erkundungen zur Leipziger Völkerschau, Leipzig (2010); Ohne Anweisung. Ein Sprechstück mit Zuschauern, Mannheim (2011); Windes Rauschen – Gottes Flügel, Trebsen (2011); In Begleitung, Dortmund (2012); Don't Play! Eine dokumentarische Spektralgymnastik, together with Liz Waterhouse, Leipzig (2013/2014), I promise, I am the Future, Dortmund (2013), Ohne Titel #1, Mannheim (2014), I promise... Eine bewegte Meditation über Versprechen, die wir nie gegeben haben, Dortmund (2014), Phonorama, Leipzig (2015).

Since 2009 he works as a lecturer at the department of Dramaturgy, which is part of the Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Leiptzig.