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Jun'ichiro ISHII

"By placing myself in unfamiliar environments, such as foreign counties with different cultures or histories, or fields of knowledge that are unknown to me, my work is initiated by a very personal speculation, or an idea that is complementary with the lack of information that comes during a process of adaptation.

I trust that the most banal, routine and seemingly meaningless practices of everyday life contain the integral essence of the culture. I focus on daily feelings when I am in an impalpable situation, and attempt to distort this local, common scene by an intuitive process of reconstruction.
My artistic interest is based on this point, and I am trying to represent these intercultural gaps through my own work.
The work mainly takes the form of installation, but not the installation of works already completed in the studio. To precisely pursue pure impressions of the site, I do not begin with a predetermined method and my works do not exhibit obvious connections in terms of materials or completed forms, but by taking into account conditions on the ground I seek to represent my very personal impressions as simply as possible. It is similar to an unusual interpretation of a usual sensation - or like a specific work, which is not only a counter method of works for white-cube, but something that depends on a local context, somewhat like a cultural-specific-art work."

 Open Studios
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