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Kamil Kukla

Kamil Kukla was born in 1989 and raised in Tarnow, middle sized city on the south of Poland. He graduated from the Graphic Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow in 2013 with
diploma in printmaking. After finishing studies, during which he experimented with many
mediums, he focused on two main activities: painting and experimental music. Although it leads
him towards different creative areas and disciplines, he tries to juxtapose visual works with sound
on various occasions.

Although his paintings are often described as an abstract, they’re strongly connected to figurative
art. He often draw upon old masters, especially those from baroque era. Echoes of still lifes by
Frans Snyders, or Francois Boucher’s nudes can be found even though they're works have been
deconstructed and used as a material in „recycling process”. In fact he likes to do the same with all
kind of art and can easily shift from flemish painting to Zdenek Burian’s paleontological
reconstructions or smooth and tasty digital art – found on the Internet and created sometimes by
anonymous artists. He don’t necessarily want to pay a tribute to anybody, but rather express his
visual fascinations – and blend them together in search for his own painting idiom.

Kukla's main approach in working with sound is to develop the way of combining traditional
instruments as guitar or piano with sound structures that belong to noise, drone and ambient
genres. The effects of this experimentations can be described as soundscapes – sometimes
atmospheric and blurry, other times cacophonic and jarring, but always amorphous and very
opened. Although the language and the tools differs from visual art, the used method seams to be
similar to Kukla's practice in painting filed; it leads toward mixing different elements, that may seam
to contradict themselves at the beginning.

Solo exhibitions:
Still Life, As Gallery, Krakow, Poland (2014), Mass Extinction, Knoll Gallery, Vienna (2016), Mutiny
On the Bounty, BWA Sokol, Nowy Sacz, Poland (2016).
Group exhibitions:
Order Out of Chaos, Le Guern Gallery, Warsaw (2015), Artists From Krakow. Generation 1980 –
1990, Museum Of Contemporary Art in Krakow MOCAK (2015), KA-MU-FLAŻ, Grey House
Gallery, Krakow (2016)

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