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Laura Eva Meuris

Laura Eva Meuris


By origin a dancer from Belgium, working as a choreographer, performance artist, guide and practitioner of (somatic) neuromantik, psycho- magic and shamanic art practices.

They say she is a realist of a larger reality who turns the invisible into magic and weaves the golden thread through the rhizomatic dusty garden of queer delights with big courageaous love and care, dedicated to share her creativity in speculative fictional stories on community and horizontal choreography applying principles of permaculture where being in spiral constellations enables to face all the particles of the circles now and in not yet.

Influencial experiences as a performer came from working with Benoit La chambre “that choreograps us”, Les Ballet c de la b, Anna Reti and Ido Batash in “Ego trip” and Anouk Vandijk Dance Company.

Over the years Laura Eva has collected an ecology of somatic, psycho- magic and shamanic practises. Seeking to expand her relationship with nature, and in order to integrate the knowledge, the experiences and the practises gathered, she continues by building a sanctuary away from normative perceptions, a place for re-imagining being here, an inside garden in the greenhouse in Hever.

Currently she is developing her participative project “Tracing the past weaving the future” inspiring people to dream with-, think with- and feel with- choreographing events and creating guided collective experiences, questioning which place a human on earth should take among all living and non living beings and how to be here as mortal critters, entwined in myriad configurations of places, times, matters and meanings. Mixing criticality with a shamanism that is emerging anew in our own backyards of western Europe. Gradually creating an imagined ethnographic account of a community that does not yet exist. Where the whole is reminiscent of a rhizome with branches in painting, collage, dance, performance, trance, constellation work, ecofeminism and many other fields of action.


She is studying at the Academy in Mechelen, Multidisciplinair Atelier with Herman Van Ingelgem, Sint- Lukas Academy, Art of painting, MSC training and at the Belgian School for sjamanisme. She enjoyed her classical Ballet training at the Royal Balletschool of Antwerp, received her Bachelor degree at CODARTS Dance Academy, and was selected for danceweb scolarship under the mentorship of Tino Sehgal and Louise Höjer in 2016.

Selected exhibition/collaboration

Since 2015 she collaborates with her soulmate, choreographer and dancer Pawel Dudus dedicating their long term research to the subject of love, intimacy and (self)care  #onlyloveisreal, “4 acts in honour of love”, “Liquid act”, “liquid bodies”, neuromantiks training, “garden of queer delights” and is on a journey in horizontal choreography with Zuzana Zabkova and collaborators,“Newfoundland”, “Harvesting Darkness”, and i want to remember all of your shapes”, amongst others she collaborates with David Bloom, “the universe project” and Asher Lev and Irina Lav for “The New Dionysian Festival”

With the kind support by Delegation of Flanders in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Dates of residency 2. 9.–31. 10. 2019