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Marie Humbert

Marie was born on October 11, 1996 in Mont-Saint-Aignan, in Normandy. Observations and coincidences are important to her approach. The place where She lives and where She evolves is a significant source of inspiration : in particular the natural environment. This is one of the reasons why She work a lot with pebble chalk which is found easily in Normandy where She live. She particulary interested in the geological identity of the place where she work. The principal materials Marie use are glass, pebble chalk, metal, paper, wood and words. She look for connections between these materials, trying to create a dialogue with several different langages. Their plastic characteristics create an identity inherent to each material. In addition, beyond their own materiality there is also the question of their historical or symbolic origins. It seems to be the same for literature ; words possess their own baggage. They are filled with signification. Stone is the same, glass is the same, metal is the same, paper also.
Education :
DNSEP - Master - Art School of art and media of Caen (France)
DNA - Bachelor - Art School of art and media of Caen (France)
Public préparatory class of art - Beauvaisis’s Art School, Beauvais (France)
Exhibitions :
In coming : graduates exhibition - curator : Sarina Basta - Caen (France)
Exhibition « 11 rue des Prairies Saint Gilles 3e étage porte de droite » organised by a group
of students - Caen (France)
Two weeks exhibition at the town hall’s chapel of Veules-Les-Roses - Veules-Les- Roses
The residency is in the cooperation with Bubahof.
Date of residence : 1.7. 2021 –⁠ 30.09. 2021