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Opening hours:
13:00 do 20:00 + based on evening program

Marius Stoica

Marius Stoica (b. 1980) is a graduate of philosophy, currently a librarian. He defines his works as practices of Bataille’s inner experience – marginal, out of focus, de-anthropomorphized vitalism. From philosophy and art zine Subliminalia, through experimental video documentary (with Nita Mocanu) and video activism (with D Media NGO), to quasi-shamanic weblog and the sound intervention project Monocore – all these are ways to test the creeping of life and the withdrawal of objects.

He is also an open source enthusiast not because it empowers his work but because it further complexifies and obscures it.

From 2016 he started the collaborative online project mixing philosophy, art and technology and aiming to express through a variety of artistic approaches (installation, video performance, net-art) a set of philosophical ideas circumscribed to speculative realism and orbiting around the concept of etho-tecture (the invisible, beaten and well-worn pathways of communication between things and within the networks of things).