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Mark von Rosenstiel

Mark von Rosenstiel Mark von Rosenstiel Mark von Rosenstiel

Mark von Rosenstiel is a multi-disciplinary artist using mathematical algorithms that interact with and explore human relationships and emotions. Through feedback loops and technology he strives to reveal the middle ground people occupy -- the undeniably human place where truth is agonizingly close, but never touched. Mark’s site specific installations create internalized representations of the human experience that explore the boundary between observation and participation.

Von Rosentiel’s work has been featured in galleries across the globe, from Seattle to Bangkok. He lectures on ideas of incompleteness, randomness, and scale variance in relation to art practice and the potential to discover truths by creative means.


2008/2009 New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI), Complex Physical, Biological and Social Systems

2005 Johns Hopkins University, BA Mathematics

2002 Maryland Institute College of Art, Sculpture

Select Exhibitions/Installations:

2021 everyone comes from a minimum of two places, Union, Los Angeles, USA

2018 we found no new information, but we did find a slightly new perspective, Unit C, Los Angeles, USA

2018 we’re either destroying ourselves or discovering the words for color, Eleven Blokk Arts Foundation, Budapest, Hungary

2017 On the Mode of Existence of Narrative and Structure, Glass Box Gallery, Seattle, USA

2016 generalities, repetition and that self-defining thing I keep forgetting to tell you, Organhaus, Chongqing, China

2015 if only there were a place just quiet and bright, that also smelled good, Kostka Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2014 things I was meant to have said yesterday, Glass Box Gallery, Seattle, USA

2014 Considerations of This Future. This Future. This Future., goC Studio, Seattle, USA

2013 Enigma Machine, Bumbershoot, Seattle, USA

2013 I Want All of This. All of This I Want, [storefront], Seattle, USA

2013 this time we see, this time we feel, H Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2012 we turn our heads toward the light (or wander aimlessly in the dark), Olson Kundig Architects, Seattle, USA

2011 Remember This, Vermillion Gallery, Seattle, USA

2011 trophies for boredom, Graypants, Seattle, USA

Date of residency: 3. 10. 2023–30. 11. 2023