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13:00 do 20:00 + based on evening program

Michal Moravčík

"Subtle History" freely continues the project "Farewell and Goodbye" which was accomplished in front of Tugendhat villa in Brno in 2008.  This one is conceived as an installation enabling visitors to enter the recent history of Czechoslovakia.    The subject of Moravčík's research is a spectator's memory and possibly the information gained by him related to the period of common history of Czech and Slovak people in the timeline of the last century.  By entering the installation, the spectator adopts a certain attitude towards a section of shared history and gets an opportunity to re-evaluate, delete physically the parts which they consider problematic.  They can "move" the history by moving a large piece of glass.  The concept of subtle history / Umberto Eco / rejects the linearity of history, it enables returning backwards as well as the possibility to invoke causes by the consequences.