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Milan Vagač

Contemporary production of Milan Vagač is distinguished by the heterogeneity of approaches as a part or a continuation of the gradients of morphologically closed systems which are generated either in the future or for the future of painting. In Vagač’s understanding, a picture is an autonomous tool of a flexible approach to the way how to come to terms not only with the “backward glance”, but also with the memory as a particular invariable which enables the examining of the “returns in art“. The accentuation of the openness of playing in the surpassing of the classical means of expression (drawing, painting, object) and the new media (digital technologies, the internet) and parallel, distinctively inherent settings in the approach to the painting media shows itself as one of the ideal forms of his artistic program. The interest in the heritage of modern art and modernity, especially in the tendencies connected with geometrical abstraction, design and architecture wholly correspond with contemporary artistic strategies.

Vagač’s contribution is, that above all he is intensively engaged in the function of painting itself in the post-digital era and not only in the influence of new technologies and the internet.

Milan Vagač is a co-founder and editor of Časopis X (Magazine X) about contemporary drawing. In 2016 he gained his doctor’s degree at the University of Fine Arts in Bratislava. He is an Essl Art Award laureate. His works have been displayed in VAAL Gallery (EST), Sala Dogana (IT), Chimera project (HU), Kunsthalle (BA), Essl museum (AT).

Author: Klaudia Kosziba