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13:00 do 20:00 + based on evening program

Nik Timková


Nik Timková (1986, Slovakia) ’s artistic process is a magic ritual, for it involves the enchantment of visual signs. Her multimedia work is characterised mainly by spatial installations using ready-made or graphic design and textile elements. Nik often uses digital collages in which she rearranges signs, mixes their meanings, and brings together unrelated essences using the magic wand that is Photoshop. She combines the traditional iconography of witchcraft with the mythology of contemporary popular culture. The digital and the mythical come together on the surface of objects of a ritual nature.


Nik Timková studied at Central Saint Martins in London and graduated from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. In 2017 she was one of the winners of the Oskar Čepan Award. She is a member of the A.M. 180 team and co-organiser of Creepy Teepee. At present, she also works as an assistant in the Studio of Painting III. at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

Selected exhibitions/ Solo:

2019 - From Dead To Worse, Galerie 35m2, Praha, CZ

2019 - Care and Feeding of a mermaid w/ Tanja Sljivar, Zuzana Žabková, Šopa gallery, Košice, SK

2019 - Burnt Ash School w/ Anežka Hošková, Zahorian Van Espen, Bratislava, SK

2018 - Harvested Darkness w/ Zuzana Žabková, Lucie Mičíková, Old Synagogue, Košice, SK.

2018 - The Shadow that Desires is Left with Nothing but a Relic o f Someone Elses Dreams w/ Jakub Hošek, Galerie 209, Brno, CZ

2018 - Harvesting Darkness w/ Zuzana Žabková, Lucie Mičíková, FUTURA, Praha, CZ.

2018 - What is whispered in the air? What is a kiss of fire? What is the secret of the serpent? What lies in the centre of the labyrinth?, Altan Klamovka, Praha, CZ.

2018 - Tmou viedla len jedna cesta w/ Zuzana Žabková, Berlínskej model, Praha, CZ.

2017 - Invigorating Solstice Compound, HIT Gallery - Košice, SK

2017 - Knife As Outfit, Polansky Gallery / Parter, Praha, CZ

Selected exhibitions/ Group:

2019 - Space Opera, Crum Heaven, Stockholm, SWE

2019 - Doba Plastova, Vychodoceska galerie, Pardubice, CZ

2018 - Souvenirs of Affair, Galerie A.M.180, Praha, CZ

2018 - SUV, Werkschauhalle 18, Spinnerei Leipzig, DE

2018 - Meet Your Critics, Berlínskej Model X Kreuzberg Pavillon, Praha, CZ.

2017 - Cena Oskara Čepana, Nitrianska Galéria, Nitra, SK

2017 - AMIWHATIAMTHINKINGABOUT?, Festival 4+4 Days In Motion, Kasárna Karlín, Prague, Czech Republic

2017 - Klub Fiesta, PLATO Kancelář pro umění, Ostrava, Czech Republic.

2017 - New Scenario "RESIDENCY" curated by Paul Barsch, Tilman Hornig, Mariina skála, Jetřichovice, Czech Republic.

2017 - FRONTIER JUSTICE EXPERIENCE I., Šopa Gallery, Košice, Slovakia.

Date of residency 2. 9.–31. 12. 2019