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Nita Mocanu

Nita Mocanu (b.1977) is an art teacher and visual artist. She lives and works in Arad (Romania).

In her works, she combines a personal poetic with social commitment, visible through the period of video activism with the D Media group. Her more recent works represent her new interest in the analysis of connections between body, the theories of consciousness, perception, a world of objects, the construction of status quo, language, ecology and the new materialism. She works mostly with text, photography, video art and video performance.

Selected exhibitions: Art Encounters Contemporary Art Biennial, Timisoara (2017), Interstitial space, ODD Gallery, Bucharest (2017); Narrating images / Imagining narrations, Domino Gallery – The Paintbrush Factory, Cluj- Napoca (2017); DADADA Media Arts Festival, Arad Art Museum (2016); Expanded Space / The Grey Area, Bucharest (2016); Notes on Tomorrow – CreArt Europe, Mapu Kaunas, LI / Kristiansand City Hall / Aveiro Captaincy (2016); kristallin#22, Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz (2015); Diary of a discussion on education and other things, MAGMA Art Space, Sf. Gheorghe and Consent Studio, Cluj-Napoca (2014, solo); Evasive diary, Kinema Ikon Serial/Season 1, Arad Art Museum (2014, solo); European Travelers. Art from Cluj Today, Műcsarnok Kunsthalle, Budapest, HU (2012).