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Oksana Proshutya

Oksana Proshutya

Proshutya Oksana Vitaliyivna was born in Kiev, Ukraine on 10 th October 1980. Her work focuses on her inner contents and plots, situations, symbolisms, and metaphors. She loves to make people up. During her career, she engaged in a number of areas. She worked as an interior designer, an illustrator, a theatre and cinema stage designer, a tattoo artist, an exhibition curator, a storyboard artist, and a jewel creator using the minankari technique. After she gave birth to her three children, she did not have much time to pursue her artistic visions. That is when she started to draw quick sketches of nature and the like. She fell in love with this technique shortly after. At the same time, she came up with the idea of picturing the life of toys after children stop playing with them which resulted in the “No toys” series. When she works, she tries to balance her inner contents with the external human actions, situations, and scenes. She thinks that the artistic output helps to create an emotional bond between the artist and the spectator who contemplates over the artwork. She founded a fine art studio in 2019, where she teaches children to draw and perceive beauty around them. Just last year, she put a lot of time and effort into the improvisation theatre Black Square. She has loved theatre since she was a child and she uses the plastic language of drama for everything she cannot put on paper.

1991–1998 The National Secondary School of Arts of T. H. Shevchenko
1998–2004 National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (Book Graphics)

2002–2009 Interior designer and decorator of restaurants Trump Card (Deja Vu, Hinkali,
Kazbek, Tyubeteyka, Crepe de Shin, etc.)
2008 Assisting Director, the film Rejection
2009 Assisting Director, the TV film A House for Two
2013 Art Director, the short festival film In the Belly of the Wolf: Adventures of the Little Red
Riding Hood
2017 Solo artwork exhibition in Lokalita Gallery
2019 Illustrations for the documentary The Ukrainian Navy: A Hundred-Year-Long Tradition
2020 Solo exhibition in Ra Gallery, Kiev
2021 Group exhibition in the Kiev Art Gallery
2021–2022 Actress, the improvisation theatre Black Square

The residency of Oksana Proshutya is supported by Theatre Institute in Prague. 

Date of residence: 1/4/2022 – 31/5/2022