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13:00 do 20:00 + based on evening program

MeetFactory - a space to live art //
Gallery. Residency. Theatre. Music.

Patrícia Domínguez

Patricia Domínguez (Born Santiago, Chile 1984). Her multidisciplinary work in video installation, photograph, sculpture, painting and artist books, trace relationships of affection, labor and obligation between the living in an increasingly corporate cosmology. 

She struggles to negotiate her place as a mixed race woman born and raised in an increasingly corporate country such as Chile, where all the ancestral knowledge is being lost by the influence of her own European ancestors. She combines her fascination with anthropology, animism, natural sciences and digital culture through a decidedly non-linear, decolonized process that gives equal weight to historical referents and personal associations, as way of freeing herself from structures and domestic relationships to the cosmos and the world that surrounds her. 

She utilizes fictional methods to establish non verbal communications with fauna, flora and the cosmos, trying to open cracks in fixed behaviors and cultural definitions of objects, places and living beings to propose her own visual, critical and holistic version of cultural botany and cultural natural sciences, where all can coexist. Her work reflects in the direct relationship between digital culture, forms of communications and ancestral knowledge, at the same time of pushing new possibilities for them to merge or cause frictions.

She earned her MFA from Hunter College, New York (2013), a Botanical Illustration Certificate form the New York Botanical Garden (2011) and her BFA in Santiago Chile (2008). She has shown her solo projects internationally in spaces such as Pizzuti Museum (US 2016), ARCO Focus Latinoamérica (Madrid 2016), Galería Patricia Ready Gallery (Chile 2016) and Sala CCU (Chile 2017) and have shown collectively in El Museo del Barrio (New York), FLORA ars + natura (Colombia), Centro Matadero (Spain), Bronx Museum (NY), The Watermill Center (New York), Museo Marte (El Salvador), YAP MoMA PS1 + Constructo (Chile) Gabriela Mistral Gallery (Chile), Matucana 100 (Chile), Museo Arte Contemporáneo MAC (Chile), and 11va Bienal de Artes Mediales in Museo Bellas Artes (Chile), among others.

She has been an artist in residency at El Ranchito Centro Matadero (Spain), AIM Bronx Museum (NY), R.A.T (México), FLORA ars + natura (Colombia), The Institute of Critical Zoologists (Singapore), Sandarbh Residency (India), and American Museum of Natural History (New York). Her work has been included in publications such as Younger Than Jesus: Artist Directory by The New Museum and PHAIDON Press among others. She was recently awarded with the “Centro Matadero - CCE Prize” (2015),  “2da Beca CCU” (2015), “Media Art Prize of Fundación Telefónica” (2014), “3rd prize Norberto Griffa for Latin American Creators, BIM” (2014).