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Przemysław Branas

Przemysław Branas (born 1987 in Poland) lives and works in Jarosław. He graduated Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, currently he’s a student at the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Studies, University of Arts in Poznań.  

The essence of his artistic practice is working at the intersections of various media and breaking their structures. He uses performance, photography, video, installation and research. In his work he often refers to the figure of a craftsman as redefined by the Enlightenment.  

Even if the outcome is something else, he usually starts from objects, their physical presence, and the ways they can be represented. Recognizing the objects and the states they provoke results in a suspension of their status. The activity leading to the creation of a particular work concentrates on the conversion of static media into performative ones.  

Przemysław locates his art practice in different worlds like an island. This kind of cosmopolitan existence is more interest to him than the idea of the globe. The local/global opposition is too close to sociology and prevents one from focusing on the geography of various phenomena itself.  

Selected exhibitions:
2014 Hiccup, Gallery Re, MOCAK, Cracow, curator E.Tatar, 2014, Performance day, Domin(a)ction of space II, performance, Contemporary Art Centre, Ujazdowski Castle,Warsaw, curator K. Kupernnikova, 2015, exhibition Ars moriendi, BWA Tarnów, Poland, curator P. Chodań, 2014, performance Domin(a)ction of space I, Turbine Hale, Giswill, Switzerland, curator A. Seemann, 2013, performance Draft, PERFORMANCES POLONAISES -Le Lieu, Centre en art actuel, Quebec City, Canada.