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Rita Süveges

Rita Süveges is a Hungarian artist living in Budapest. Her art practice is driven by theoretical research about the ecological and climate crisis, and the material fascination with image-making, lately and most strongly a feminist ecocriticism shapes her works.
Contemporary ecological thinking emphasizes the interconnections of ecosystem actors, in which nature is related to culture, and all of this mutually shape the life of the planet. Süveges's interest focuses on what we think about nature, what forms of action we associate with it, and how this manifests itself in the modes of representation about it.
As a member of xtro realm artist group she organises a multitude of programs (reading circles, exhibitions, field trips) dealing with new-realist and ecological theories that critique the anthropocentricism of contemporary thinking, in order to provide access to the discourses of climate change and the Anthropocene, all in the spirit of knowledge-sharing and transdisciplinarity.
Since 2018 she is a board member of the Studio of Association of Young Artists in Budapest, which helps the life of artists and cultural workers mainly under age 35 with exhibitions, talks, workshops all reflecting the current political situation that shapes life and art in Hungary.
She is currently enrolled in the postgraduate DLA program at the Hungarian Academy of Arts.

Selected exhibions:

2020: Slow Life. Life at a Slow Pace, Museum Ludwig
2020: 'out of control', 1111, Budapest, (solo)
2019: Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (CHB) and MMpraxis present
Montag Modus Klimata #4 We Solemnly Swear, Flutgraben, Berlin
2019: Extrodaesia book launch, Pagony, Budapest
2019: Terrafolding, smART! XTRA 4.0 // WONDERLANDS, aqb, Budapest
2018: Scale, New Budapest Gallery, Budapest
2017: Xtro-Realm, Studio Gallery
2017: Aromatherapy, INDA Gallery (solo)
2016: Greyfield, Budapest Gallery (solo)
2016: (read the line with a sarcastic undertone), solo with Zsófia Keresztes, A.P.A. Gallery
2014: [silence], Ludwig Museum, Budapest

Date of residency: 5. 10.–30. 11. 2020