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Rumiko Hagiwara

My works consists of tiny changes in the daily life. It is based on the notion that spaces contain memories and time as a result of human action and behavior. These memories can easily be ignored as our attention is distracted by elements that occupy our daily life. I point the attention to this phenomenon by suggesting the viewer to notice and rediscover trivial things.

There is a Japanese tale that I find very inspirational and reflective to my work.

One day, a person was walking on the road that he walked every day. He noticed there was a stone on the ground. His mind opened up suddenly by noticing this trivial thing. He felt that he stood in another world. He saw that his daily view had changed.

 I feel the need to attract the viewers attention to the seemingly ordinary daily situations, but twist his perception drastically just by making tiniest adjustments to the surrounding. Therefore the actions of art works need to be almost imperceptible, the attraction doesn't have to work immediately, because just shocking effects are easily consumed as nothing in the end. The effects of the works have to be in the long run in the daily basis. So my installation works are most of the time engaged with sight specific situation to make the effects resonate with the life situation.