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Stach Szumski

Stach Szumski Stach Szumski Stach Szumski

Stach Szumski born in 1992 in Gdansk (Poland). Visual and sound artist. Stach Szumski quotes and deconstructs iconographic motifs used in interpersonal communication since its inception: from prehistoric wall paintings or medieval symbols to contemporary graffiti, prison tattoo designs and deconstructed logotypes. He weaves symbols from different eras and cultures into organic, meta-constellations. His paintings are usually created in the form of improvisation, often supported by historical research.


In 2016 he finished bachelor degree at Warsaw's Academy of Fine Arts in the multimedia department.


He has exhibited among others in Tokyo, Kyoto, Mexico City, Bucharest, Prague or Jogjakarta.

He is author of numerous solo shows, among others "Prognosis for the era of postthermomodernisation" at CCA Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw (2017), "The issue of office bacteria" at Polana Institute in Warsaw or "Ips typographus" at Berlinskej Model in Prague (2022).

Date of residency: 06. 10. 2023–30. 11. 2023