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Svitlana Reinish

 Svitlana Reinish

Svitlana Reinish is a digital artist who focuses on the relationship between technology and aesthetics in the visual arts.

As a graduate from Kyiv Art Academy in 2009, Svitlana has a foundational background in classical art, and she applies her trained knowledge is a basis in her work.

Reinish takes part in light and music festivals worldwide, cooperates with theatres, and creates visuals for private events.

Svitlana was a jury member at Kyiv Lights Festival 2019 mapping contest.

The residency "Artist in need" was created within the platform of the Academy of Fine Arts for Ukraine in collaboration with the Institute of Art, Artivist Lab and MeetFactory. Our joint effort is to help professional artists and artists who are refugees from war. We want to provide them with a workplace, a studio and accommodation for at least three months and ensure a minimum of life security.

Date of residence: 21. 4. 2022 – 30. 6. 2022