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Szymon Kobylarz

In his art, Szymon Kobylarz often manifests his ironic attitude and distance toward reality. His interests include parascientific phenomena, conspiracy theories (Civil defence, ECHELON70), science, maths and ways of rendering it into the realm of art (DIAMAT, Simulations). Questioning the sense of costly installations still being created in times of art surplus, he responds by painting the Art for Art’s Sake series which depict the nonexistent exhibitions hefor various reasons - never had. He takes similar approach in the Magazynier | Meeting Room 0.5 (Storehouse Attendant) project, or with the set of works presented during the Poręczne (Handy) exhibition where he reuses his old, already existing pieces to make new installations.

He admits he has been interested for quite some time now in scientific matters and their processing, testing, and reading by people who have little to do with actual science. He considers himself such a person and in the wake of his fascination with maths, or, to be more precise, with the Fibonacci sequence, fractals, and the golden mean, Szymon Kobylarz constructs his wooden pieces in an attempt to translate the language of science into the language of art.

Presentation of Szymon Kobylarz in Meetfactory is supported by the Polish institute in Prague!