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Opening hours:
13:00 do 20:00 + based on evening program

Tamas Szvet

“I always start with a conceptual question and looks for solutions that try to give an answer to art theory questions. The convergence of science and art is a central focus in my work, since I is enthusiastic with the opportunities offered by the latest technological inventions. I use these innovations socio-critically and in an experimental way as well.

I graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts with a specialization in sculpture in 2007. I started an artistic research at the Doctoral School of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts Budapest in 2009 and carried on my PhD research in Department of Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam, in the Netherlands in2011, as part of the Hungarian State’s Eotvos-scholarship. My interactive works are integrated with elements such as light, motion and electronic gadgets. I play with technological invention in order to convey my fascination with fields of energy and our place in the world, through levitation, illusion, reality and non- reality and where the thin veil between these lie. These works not only allow the aforementioned elements to be interpreted as installations within their own surroundings, but also highlight the relevance and meaning of their involvement with the viewer. Objects and installation I made are rather experimental, but at the same time also conceptual.
The project I am working on in the Meet Factory poses the question, “What people or generally the society expect from the artist?”
I will interview people, including artists and curators to collect information and try to draw a map of expectations, concerning art historical references as well. These collected opinions will become the basic source of my installation. During my time in Prague I will build an installation, using metamorphosis techniques and project the wished topics into our eyes. I will build wooden boxes, similar to those that museums use to transfer artworks in order to save them. The boxes will be closed and only a small hole let us observe the content. Different images become visible through the perspective based optical illusion. I will create spaces in the boxes by cutting the wood, so thus the image will appear in one angle. The interviews and the opinions will fill them, so the whole installation is going to focus of contemporary art questions by exchanging ideas and point of views.”